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Unnecessary downtime is an annoyance all fleet managers and forklift dealerships struggle with.

Since it’s a question of when, not if, damage and repairs will happen – whether caused by incidental damage, daily wear, negligence or a random accident – the goal becomes extending periods of productivity and minimizing instances of unnecessary downtime.

To accomplish these goals and keep your clients or business prepared to meet the challenges of your industry, be sure to follow a periodic maintenance schedule and keep a well-stocked parts inventory for all of your equipment.

With a well-stocked parts inventory, you’ll be able to dramatically reduce the amount of downtime you experience as a result of repairs and maintenance. Instead of waiting on a third party supplier to find and ship the parts you require, repairs can be made the moment they are diagnosed. If you are uncertain about which parts you should be stocking, contact your equipment manufacturer for advice.

Manufacturers will provide you with a comprehensive list of recommendations based on the parts and components that receive the greatest amount of wear, are likely to be damaged or abused by operators, or those that require regular maintenance or replacement. Remember to keep this in mind during the purchase process as many of these parts should be covered by factory warranty programs.

Genuine Spare Parts
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